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Singing bowls are normally used around the globe for personal well being, meditation, and also as instruments to hear soothing music. We can hear the sound of singing bowls in yoga classes. 

At we can find out huge variety of Tibetan Singing Bowls for Sale at different sizes. On this website their products are well categorized and that would be easier for the purchaser to select their desired products, click here for categories of 'crystal singing bowls' As everybody knows Tibet and Nepal are well known for handicrafts, Silver Sky Imports provides you the unique collections of handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal. Call them at 800-494-1369 to clarify your doubts.

HTC: The Best Smartphone 2013

The HTC one is a powerful and beautiful device which runs on Android 4.1.2 (upgrade to 4.2.2 now available). It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset powered by a 2300 m Ah nonremovable battery.  There are lots of flagship cellular devices in the market but the HTC one, for me at least, comes closest to fulfilling the important and necessary criteria of a modern cellular device. And here are some reasons why you won’t regret investing in the HTC one and why this device has blown my mind: 

Slick Design 

If you chart out and bring every mobile device in history, you will notice that the HTC one looks the most evolved and most efficient to work in that one palm of yours. It is 137.4 mm long, 68.2 mm across and only 9.3 mm thick. The back slightly protrudes at the central axis which gives the phone a vague semicircle appearance on the back, but it tapers at the sides to give you the 9.3 mm. This makes holding the phone easy and it increases grip. 

Power House 

Powered by a Li-Po 2300   battery, the device has four separate cores and gigahertz of 1.7 at your command. This makes multi tasking a very smooth and easy experience. Personally I have found that lags are nil or minimal in the HTC one. The RAM memory is 2 GB and with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset. A powerful phone indeed! 


Do not be fooled by its 4 MP tag. The camera uses fewer but larger pixels on a sensor that's the same size as the 8 or 13 MP units. HTC has coined the concept of “Ultrapixels” to describe this. It has a fast F2.0 lens which offers an optical image stabilization system. This catches more light and makes the device ideal in low light imaging conditions. 

The front camera/ secondary camera have a MP of 2.1 but also with 1080 p shooting capacity. And when it comes to video recording both the front and rear camera has 1080 p full HD video recording feature. 

Additional features of the camera include: smile detection, object removal and sequence shot, the sequence-shot pictures can later be edited to form a single picture (another remarkable feature of the camera of HTC one) so that a different moments of capture is in one single picture. 

The new HTC Zoe feature makes small videos/movies out of your pictures, which could be a fun option to have if you get bored with swiping your fingers to check your pictures. 


A 4.7-inch 1080p Full-HD screen with a pixel density of 446 pixels per inch, rivaled by few and unmatched by any smart phone to date. It features a Super  LCD 3 capacitive touchscreen. The display of the screen is spectacular, the images and colors are vibrant and crisp. Detail to colors and images are hauntingly magnificent. Personally, watching movies or playing games on a handset has never been more fun and satisfactory. 


Besides doing really well on drop tests by third-party reviewers, the uni-body case of the HTC one gives it a strong and tough built which is one reason the battery can’t be removed from the back. 

While holding the phone it feels slim and comfortable but also tough and rugged, it has a firm built quality about it. It feels like it can take a certain amount of damage if accidents are to occur, which is necessary a smart phone. Also the entire body is made from aluminum so if you drop this phone a couple of times by mistake then rest easy because it can take it. 

Boom Sound 

“Dual frontal stereo speakers powered by built-in amplifiers deliver bigger sound with less distortion and more detail.” HTC 

The front dual speakers takes you to a whole another dimension of sound enjoyment, you must experience the richness of this device. If you compare the audio with any other phone you will notice the difference. HTC one gives large and rich sound quality. It has good bass engineered with Beats Audio. Whether you like blasting away your music or love it in your headphones, HTC one sound engineering won’t let it get in the way of your rich music experience. The device has a volume large enough for a small crowd in a quiet room, which in my opinion is quite rare in many modern-day smartphones. This of course goes without saying that volume is exceedingly good enough for one person. 

Please know also-that the HTC one is not a perfect device. And not everybody will like the device in the way I like or in the way I dislike it. The battery is non-removable and you don’t have the option of switching memory SD cards as you don’t have access to the slot. Because of the aluminum the device is quick to heat up during times of overuse which can make handling a little difficult. And for those people who like using the power/screen lock button with their thumb the placement is a bit awkward and even uncomfortable. 

But even with these points against the HTC one, it is the best device to date to have come close to fulfilling the criteria of a modern smart phone. I feel that it provides me with the 'whole experience'. I am convinced that the pros far outweigh the cons. I think HTC one deserves a place in the pocket of all lovers of modern handsets.

Paper Leaf Print Decoration

Paper leaf print decoration is actually the one that you can make on your own. Even if it sounds to be best, of course, this fact is not the only good thing that you can find in this home decoration. There are some other best values that you can find in the same decoration. Of course, those values are the ones that can make you agree that the home decoration is a really good option that you sometime have to use to make your house looks better especially from the inside. To know better about the decoration, here is a brief explanation that you better read. 

Bring More Natural Values with Leaf Print Decoration

Bamboo Leaf Print Wall Decor
It is something so obvious that paper leaf print decoration brings more natural values in your house. The natural values come from different factors. First of all, the leaf shape of this decoration is so natural because actually the decoration is made from real leaf which is applied with paint and printed on a piece of paper. Later, you can use this decoration to make some walls in your house look better. One other thing that makes the decoration natural is no other else but the option of color for it. To make it more natural, you can choose natural color options, such as green and also brown. The next factor that can make the decoration to be something better and also natural because the material needed to create it is not harmful for nature. Moreover, it is actually something that can be recycling later if you do need it any longer. It can be even better if the choice of paint that you choose is the water base instead of the ones made in oil base. The simple explanation is that even you throw away the paper print later there is no need to worry that it will be harmful to the soil. 

Leaf Print Wall Decor

Best Time to Place the Leaf Print Decoration in Your House 

Banana Leaf Print Wall Decor
Even if it is not a must, timing is actually a thing that you have to think about when you are about to place paper leaf print decoration in your house. Actually, this decoration is suitable more to choose at fall. If you want to place the decoration in some other season, you can make it more suitable by choosing colors suitable more for the season, such as yellow or orange color which are perfect for summer. More decoration ideas visit

First Period After Pregnancy: What, Why, When And How

First Period After Pregnancy. The circumstances of first period can be mentioned to take place in a lady's life 2 times: Throughout teenagers and after pregnancy. 

Females get made use of to their cycle once they begin to have them in their teen life. They do stop to obtain them for a while- when they are grownup ladies and pregnant! 

Getting It after Pregnancy: Different Cases

'It is rather a relief,' I make sure all females will claim, 'to not get a period throughout pregnancy'. And when a female does get a period after providing her child for the first time, she is puzzled and frequently startled also. This is since the period after pregnancy is not like the cycles she had throughout her pre-pregnancy times. 

The first period is likewise a various scenario from one mom to an additional. Some brand-new moms get them as early as within 2 months of shipment and some do not get them for even some years post shipment. In either case, ladies are alarmed to obtain them. The very best recommendations that physicians give up the case of first period after pregnancy is to wait throughout the breast-feeding stage plus an additional 6 months. 

In truth, moms who nursed typically never ever get their menstruation till they stop nursing. I stated, 'typically', please, not 'constantly'. So keep that in mind prior to you think about that sex would be safe throughout this time. Once again, if a mom is not nursing, her period would typically show up early. 

What Makes It Different: Breast Feeding and Period 

First Period After Pregnancy
First Period After Pregnancy
Many women are not even aware that breastfeeding affects first period. This is because in some cases, it disrupts the ovulation cycle such that one starts to get irregular period. Here the pituitary gland making more Prolactin is at play, encouraging the body to produce milk and at the same time suppressing ovarian function. 

For some women, the first period is very painful and heavy as well. Don't worry in such a case, as most of the times, it is just your body getting back into pre-pregnancy form, ovulating and menstruating for the first time after 9 long months! This heavy bleeding along with mucus and tissue is called Lochia. It can have clots and might even be such that it would flow like a trickling faucet.

Please don't agonize; the nightmare would not last long. However, if either of these situations continue for some days, it is advisable to see your doctor. And if all goes well, your first cycle will slow down and change color to a pink discharge and later a brown color. 

Again, the duration is different for different women. Some have it for months and some others have it for just a few odd weeks. Whatever be the case, avoid tampons, use sanitary napkins to keep infections at bay. 

To learn more about first period and other things related to post pregnancy, read books and ezines on the internet. Be geared to face it, it won't alarm you so much, then. 

Women would rather go without the first period after pregnancy. However, when the period after pregnancy has to happen, it has to happen. So live with it for now you have a baby to care for as well. Soon your life will resume to pre-pregnancy state and you baby will help you forget your post pregnancy woes.

Modern Glass House Design Residential Project Lists by Audrey Matlock

Neat design that is made entirely of glass in geometric structures and proportionally, complete with glass roof sheets. The House is actually made up of Glass Johnson’s glass house may have been at the top of the style in time, but there are many impracticalities which comes with a green house. Modern Glass House day With the latest technological innovations, however, there has been significant progress in possibility could finally build the glass house. Glass houses design increase natural lighting in your home. Modern glass house design is actually very low maintenance, provided you have built it from a glass. Keep the Glass clean: modern technology means that a green house can now be built with self cleaning glass.

Keeping the house warm or cold: this type of glass used in building a green house can go a long way to eliminating a lot of warming or cooling problems.  This type of glass is to really help reduce your heating and cooling bills. This type of glass is to really help reduce your heating and cooling bills, make your home more economical and environmentally friendly.

How to manage the glass roof: Has complete, including greenhouse glass roof, can be a daunting thought like no one wants the Sun beat down on them in. .. Solar control glass helps keep the room at a comfortable temperature, thus creating an environment that is more enjoyable in the summer than ordinary glass. Safety Glass Wall behind the Life: such as cleaning and cooling, your home security all depend on the type of glass is mounted. Waste modern glass house days doesn’t necessarily mean bright, transparent structure.

Modern glass house design Completed residential project lists by Audrey Matlock Architect:

Westenberger/O’Neill Residence, Olive, New York 2002
Wedeles Residence, York City 2002
Lorenz /Schwalbe Residence, New York City 2002
Harding Residence, Sag Harbor, NY 1999
King Street Condominiums, Alexandria, VA 1997
Residential Loft Conversions, New York City:
Ben Amotz, Butler, Epstein, Lappin, Roy, Singer, Stratton, Taffer 1996 – 2001

Audrey Matlock Architect
141 West Broadway New York, NY 10013-3305 USA
Phone: 212.267.2378
Fax: 212.267.6850

Family Room In Glass House Design

Bedroom Glass House Design

Comfort With Outdoor Bathroom Design

Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas
Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas
Especially for you nature lovers, there are outdoor bathroom design with the feel of nature. because the bathroom is used to cleanse themselves and relaxation from the daily bustle. outdoor the bathroom can be an alternative design that you choose. in addition to more fresh and natural, in some rural atmosphere of the cool time will you feel with the trees and sunshine. attracted to the bathroom outside? Here are some examples of bathroom designs outside.

Outdoor Bathroom Design Model
Outdoor Bathroom Design Model
Outdoor Bathroom Design
Outdoor Bathroom Design
Outdoor Bathroom Design Pictures
Outdoor Bathroom Design Pictures

Modern Kitchen Set 2012

Modern Kitchen Set 2012
Modern Kitchen Set 2012
Modern kitchen set 2012 - Cooking is a routine activity performed by housewives. However, cooking activities often create a kitchen into a dirty and messy. A solution to overcome this is to create a kitchen that sets your pantry neat. This set of Kitchen look neat and solid using granite.

Granite also has pretty good quality and strong durability of these products also supported anti stain and scratch. The use of black granite kitchen set also makes it look so much more elegant. In between the top and bottom of the Cabinet using ceramic mosaic to prevent moisture. About humidity, presence of lighting in the kitchen window and must be cared for. The window function is a smooth circulation of air in and out. The window also serves to make the incoming light into the kitchen bright and prevent the room in the kitchen becomes moist.

Modern Kitchen Set 2012 Green White
Modern Kitchen Set 2012 Green White
Modern Kitchen Set 2012 Green Photos
Modern Kitchen Set 2012 Green Photos