Asthma Ins and Outs

Although asthma is defined as a chronic (i.e. long term) illness, it is not usually life threatening – and for most sufferers becomes more of an annoyance than a genuine threat to their well-being. As one of the most common non-life-threatening illnesses in the world, asthma is well studied by medical research scientists, and as a result there are several treatments available.

While asthma is defined as a long term condition, it is not necessarily fatal – and for most sufferers, asthma poses more of a nuisance than a life-threatening condition.  As one of the most common non-fatal conditions in the world, studies on asthma are well backed-up by medical researches.  As a result, there are so many treatments available.
So far, medicinal inhalation is the best-known treatment for asthma.  The chief medicines used in inhalers are beta-2 agonists (for providing relief for acute asthma attacks) and corticosteroids (preventative inhalers).  These medications come in a wide range of doses, depending on the acuteness of the sufferer’s asthma, and are inhaled directly into the lungs via inhalers or puffers.  As these treatments directly reach the root of the problem through the lungs right then and there, they have been proven as the most effective treatment for the longest time.

Another known treatment is steroids in tablet form.  However, this is only prescribed after a severe asthma attack – commonly those that require hospitalization.  A great majority of sufferers won’t require anything more than just preventative and reliever inhalers to deal with asthma.

Last but not the least, another option for severe asthma attacks is the nebulizer.  Nebulizers are made from a mixture of water and air, in which a sufferer can inhale a more concentrated form through inhalers.  Nebulizers are commonly carried on emergency calls and at hospitals, though some asthmatics who suffer from an intensely severe asthma may be given one at home.

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