Can You Grow Out of Asthma?

Question:  My daughter is six and I recently brought her to the doctor as I have observed that she was having difficulty breathing on some occasions and was coughing a lot.  The doctor said she has a mild asthma and was prescribed two inhalers which seem to be effective.  I have, however, read or heard somewhere that sometimes, children of this age can “grow out” of asthma and it may no longer affect them eventually.  Is this true?

There is a kernel of truth to this – while perhaps not in medical records.  But surely, based on other people’s experience with asthma as children.  Some children do appear to “grow out” of asthma, and may no longer require inhalers or suffer from asthma attacks later on.

There are a variety of theories for this:  the primary one is that a child’s developing lungs are more vulnerable and this can make a mild predisposition towards asthma sound more serious than it actually is.  When the child grows up, however, their asthma also appears to disappear as their lungs develop to full maturity.

However, the concept that children never having to endure another asthma attack later in their adult life is extremely rare – many childhood sufferers may find that their condition is recurring as they age, particularly when they reach their 50’s or 60’s.  And while it’s a natural tendency among parents to think that their children will “grow out” of this condition as they grow older, it is important to stay realistic.  This is especially true if your child has moderate to severe asthma as there is less chance that the condition will improve as they grow.

Title Post: Can You Grow Out of Asthma?
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