Living with Asthma - Learn and Adapt

Asthma is a respiratory condition, triggered by an inflammation and succeeding narrowing of the bronchi or the “tubes” in the lungs.  It is non-curable but not necessarily fatal, and for many asthmatics, it is merely a matter of coping with asthma and learning how to live with it.

When one becomes diagnosed with asthma, the natural initial reaction is alarm and dismay.  Asthma is a long-term condition, and when diagnosed in adults, will tend to be a life-long condition.  This initial reaction of shock and consternation is completely expected, but it is crucial to focus on the fact that asthma is rarely detrimental – and even then, it’s usually in combination with other existing conditions.

Asthma is an illness that needs to be monitored, but this shouldn’t run your life.  With the right inhalation-based treatment, a great majority of asthma cases can be controlled – the sufferer will have a normal, provided he or she takes the necessary precautions.  Having asthma shouldn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy activities such as sports and exercise – it merely means learning how to cope with the condition and knowing what triggers it so you can avoid it moving forward.

Little changes can make big differences in an asthmatic’s life.  Things like going green when shopping for cleaning products by switching chemical ones with those contain natural ingredients have a significant effect.  Avoiding smoky places, too, can help you breathe better.  Asthma is containable, and with the right medication and a little diligence, people may never need to know that you have it.

Title Post: Living with Asthma - Learn and Adapt
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