Things Asthma Sufferers should Avoid

Although asthma is largely controllable with medication, there are certain stimulants that can bring on an attack even if medication has been used. Learning to identify these stimuli and – wherever possible – avoid them is an important part of learning to cope with asthma.

While asthma is generally manageable with the right medication, there are certain triggers than can bring about an attack, even when you’re using your medication.  Recognizing these allergens and – if possible- avoiding them is the key in learning to live with asthma.
  1. Smoke:  Tobacco smoke is a major trigger of an asthma attack and it can aggravate the condition in the long run.
  2. Strong cleaning agents:  Cleaning products which have strong chemicals should be avoided.  There are a wide variety of cleaning products which contain natural ingredients and can leave your home spick and span without affecting your lungs, and thus, prevent asthma attacks.
  3. Specific medications:  penicillin (a known treatment for infections) and aspirin (pain reliever) can aggravate asthma.  Use alternatives if possible, such as paracetamol instead of asthma if you have a headache.
  4. Swimming pools:  It’s not the water.  It’s the chlorine that’s triggering asthma.  As mentioned above, strong chemicals can have ill effects on an asthmatic person.  Always verify if the pool is chlorinated before using it.
  5. Menstrual cycle:  women who are asthmatic are more vulnerable to asthma attacks during their menstruation or pregnancy due to the hormonal changes and imbalances taking place during this time.
  6. Stress:  Asthmatics are far more susceptible to attacks when they are stressed, nervous or in a state of panic than when they are calm and emotionally stable.  It is best to learn how to control your temper if you are asthmatic.
The abovementioned triggers are just some of the many stimuli of asthma.  It is best to avoid them as much as possible.  It is also important to list down other specific triggers and allergens which are applicable to you.

Title Post: Things Asthma Sufferers should Avoid
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