Using a Peak Flow Meter For Asthma

As asthma is a lingering condition, it is crucial for the asthmatic to frequently check the severity of their condition.  As people grow older, their medical needs in term of keeping the condition at bay may change.  It is therefore important for sufferers to know what triggers the attacks, when it worsens and when it needs immediate attention.

Fortunately, modern technology has made monitoring easy and available at home with the use of Peak Flow Meter.  Peak Flow Meter monitors check the effectiveness of a person’s lungs.  This is made possible by gauging the expiration rate, or their Peak Expiratory Flow rate. When someone is having an asthma attack, their Peak Expiratory Flow rate will be lower than the normal rate.

Peak Flow Meter
A mentioned above, the measurement is taken with a Peak Flow Meter.  This equipment has a round tube of plastic with a mouthpiece on one end:  here’s where the user blows as hard as they can in a sudden burst of breath into the tube.  The gauge on top of the tube will then slide along a numbered chart, giving you the Peak Flow reading.

The results will fit into one of the three categories:

Green:  a normal Peak Flow Expiratory Rate reading.  This means that the medication is effective.

Yellow:  This signifies the narrowing of airways.  If someone with asthma has used their inhalers and still achieve a yellow reading, they might require more or stronger dosage.

Red:  Immediate medical attention needed.  You may need to seek your doctor right away.

A Peak Flow Meter will be given to anyone who have asthma and must be used regularly to monitor his or her condition.

Title Post: Using a Peak Flow Meter For Asthma
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