What Causes Asthma?

The exact origins of asthma are yet to be known;  To date, how one becomes asthmatic is not yet determined.  There are, however, some evidences that asthma is hereditary, as some may tend to inherit the predisposition towards inflamed airways – the #1 factor associated with asthma.  If a child’s parents are both asthmatics, the probability that a child may also have the condition is high – but this may not always be the case.  A child may also be likely to have asthma even if no one in his or her family has one.  It’s a case to case basis.

People who are asthmatic are also more likely to have allergies, specifically to dust mites and hay fever.  But then again, this may not always be the case:  lots of people who have hay fever may not necessarily have asthma and vice versa.

There are also no known substances (chemical or organic) which can trigger the condition – though there are certain substances such as chemicals, allergens and smoke from tobacco products which can aggravate the symptoms.

It is understandable why you, or someone you know, who have asthma, may ask why you have the condition. However, it is sad to say that asthma is one of those conditions with no clear cut root cause.  Learning to cope with the fact that these thing just happen is an integral part of living with the condition.

Lastly, if you are a parent and are worried about your kids inheriting the condition, remember that this will not always be the case, so try not to worry.

Title Post: What Causes Asthma?
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