Which Inhaler is Worth a Look

Question:  I have an idea that there are two types of inhalers:  ”reliever” inhalers which are used for when a sufferer is having an asthma attack, and “prevention” inhalers for general use.  However, I’m a bit concerned that I won’t be able to tell which is which when I’m having an attack due to panic.  How will I be able to tell between the two, and if I happen to accidentally use the “prevention” inhaler during an asthma attack, should I be worried?

Firstly, there’s no need to worry about using a preventive inhaler during an attack.  It won’t exacerbate the symptoms, nor will it cause any harm in any way.  The only problem with using a preventative inhaler during an asthma attack is that it won’t help in soothe the attack.  That is what you need a “reliever” inhaler for.

As for distinguishing between the two, it will vary from country to country.  In some countries, the inhalers are placed in different colored canisters.  Commonly, the reliever inhaler will be in the blue canister while the preventer will be in the brown one.  You may need to ask your chemist if they have color-specific inhalers available.  The difference in the color of the canisters may be able to help you know which one to get when your asthma attacks.

If color-specific canisters are not obtainable, then it may help to put labels on your inhaler’s canisters.  You can even use your nail polish to help you differentiate your canisters.

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